B-HighBay Plant


“B-HighBay Plant” is a high-power indusrtial LED lighting fitting optimalized to artificial lighting in greenhouses. Built with highest efficiency LED modules. Thanks for several different special LED optics, ideal light distribution for many applications. Different lamp types are used in horticulture lighting. As in general lighting, LEDs are on the rise, as they deliver benefitsin horticulture lighting: Control of spectral content - Colored LEDs enable higher efficiencies Better control of light distribution - LED optics control where light goes, no wasted light / energy Lower radiated heat •Luminaires close to plants possible •More dense farms possible •Less water needed Short payback periods - Long lifetime, Low maintenance

Other properties

Environment temperature
L80/B10 Ta-max > 72000h
Color temperature
6 variáció
Color rendering (CRI)
6 variant

Aluminum body powder-painted High efficiency Vossloh LED modules, optics and driver.



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